Cutting Nozzles

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AFN Cutting Nozzle
For use with a Lightweight cutting attachment. Available in 3 sizes to cut 3-6mm (1/8"-1/4"), 6-20mm..
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AGNM Gouging Nozzles
AGNM nozzles gouge welds and plate using oxy/acetylene with the Heavy Duty cutting attachment or NM ..
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Apachi Type Nozzles
Two-piece NM type cutting nozzles for use with ‘Apachi’ (’MAP’) gas in an NM style cutting torch or ..
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ARCNM Rivet Cutting Nozzle
ARCNM nozzles are used with the NM type cutters and HD cutting attachments for cutting rivet heads. ..
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Murex Saffire ANM Cutting Nozzles
Acetylene Nozzle Mix – ANM Saffire® ANM Series cutting nozzles are manufactured from  Tel..
Ex Tax: £5.00
Murex Saffire PNM Cutting Nozzles
PNM – Cutting Nozzles Saffire® PNM Series cutting nozzles are of two piece design made up of a..
Ex Tax: £5.00
NFF Cutting Nozzles
NFF are 2-piece cutting nozzles that are used with propane or natural gas, in flat seat torches. ..
Ex Tax: £16.80
Parweld ANM Cutting Nozzles
Parweld ANM Cutting Nozzles •General Purpose Hand Cutting Acetylene Nozzle. •Promotes Improved E..
Ex Tax: £4.95
Parweld PNM Cutting Nozzles
Parweld PNM Cutting Nozzles •Designed with the Brass Inner Set Back within the Copper Outer to En..
Ex Tax: £4.95
PGNM Gouging Nozzles
Like the AGNMs, PGNM nozzles are used with NM and HD cutters, but use oxy/propane to gouge. ..
Ex Tax: £27.75
Sheet Cutting Nozzles
The ASNM and ASFN sheet metal cutting nozzles are made to cut sheet mild steel to a 3mm maximum thic..
Ex Tax: £16.50
Welding Nozzles HD
For heavy duty style mixer. A full High-Quality range ..
Ex Tax: £5.30
Welding Nozzles LW
Smaller swaged style nozzles for use with the LW mixer. ..
Ex Tax: £3.95