Washroom Cleaning Products

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Channel Cubes 3KG
Deodorising soluble urinal cubes for washrooms that leave fresh and hygienic scent. Sterilises ur..
Ex Tax: £17.05
General Purpose Bleach 5ltr
General purpose bleach suitable for washroom and general cleaning duties. Leaves surfaces clean a..
Ex Tax: £2.65
General Purpose Detergent 5ltr
A biodegradable neutral detergent for the washing of crockery and general cleaning of floors various..
Ex Tax: £2.95
General Purpose Multi Task Spray 750ml
All-in-one spray that effectively cleans bathroom surfaces. Leaves a streak free shine, even on m..
Ex Tax: £3.85
General Purpose Pine Disinfectant 5ltr
Powerful disinfectant solution with a fresh pine smell. Disinfects toilets and drains using a non..
Ex Tax: £2.65
General Purpose Toilet Descaler 5ltr
Designed to remove limescale and staining from vitreous surfaces. Deodorises and disinfects surfa..
Ex Tax: £7.65
Limelite Active Gel 500ml
Heavy duty limescale remover in a gel formula that is suitable for cleaning washrooms and solid floo..
Ex Tax: £3.87
Pearl Silver Hand Wash 5Ltr
Pearlised germicidal hand soap. Contains no perfume or dyes. Ideal for use in the food and drink ind..
Ex Tax: £4.65
Toilet Cleaner 750ml
Strong limescale remover and toilet cleaner that kills 99.99% of germs. Cleans and freshens toile..
Ex Tax: £2.15