About Us

Direct Welding & Site Supplies Ltd are committed to providing first class Products and services. As a Company we strive to understand and respond to our Customers needs and our aim is to achieve a high level of satisfaction that can only be accomplished by continually meeting or exceeding their expectations.


In an extremely demanding market, our customers demand high quality Products that represent reliability and value for money. Direct Welding & Site Supplies Ltd believe that their customers deserve the very best and have in place business strategies that make sure they receive the same. We also believe that the sources of our strength are the people in our Company and we are committed to developing and encouraging them to support service quality and customer satisfaction. Through these actions we believe that we have successfully implemented our quality philosophy in all members of our Company.


To confirm the belief in our ability we have decided that our operation should be measured against an international benchmark (ISO 9001). This manual describes the quality system that satisfies ISO9001:2000 requirements and we are confident that by operating in accordance with the requirements of the quality standard ISO 9001:2000, our Company will further demonstrate its competence in providing a first class service to all our customers.